September 24, 2014

Pantoja wedding - Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village

This was such a beautiful wedding, even under the circumstances. Robert proposed to Lisa just a month before they had their wedding. They decided to have the wedding quickly due to her father being ill. It meant everything to her to have her dad walk her down the isle and to have a father daughter dance. Unfortunately, he was not able to leave the hospital so they had a bedside wedding so he can witness the marriage. She even had her father daughter dance and it was all filmed from a family member. They played the footage at the wedding, and we were able to capture the emotion in the room. This was the most special and loving weddings and we are so happy we got to be such a part of the wedding!

Photos to come!

Bride & Groom Preps| The Four Seasons Hotel - Westlake Village
Ceremony|The Four Seasons Hotel - Westlake Village
Reception| The Four Seasons Hotel - Westlake Village
Videography| Pages Photography
Photography| Pages Photography
Coordinator| Cassie - Events by Cassie
Flowers| Regina Brown - Florals By Gina

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  1. This was absolutely breathtaking! Brought tears to my eyes seeing all the love these two beautiful people have for one another. Congrats to the bride & groom!