October 6, 2014

Gibson Family at Scripps Pier

What an amazing morning! We met up with this family this past weekend at Scripps Pier in La Jolla and had such a blast taking their photos! The kids were all so great and seemed to have so much fun running around the beach. It was Fisher's 1st birthday so they wanted to make sure they documented it with a few photos. Kate was such a ball of energy and absolutely loved being in front of my camera and she knew her poses! Easton was having so much fun chasing the birds around and loved seeing a crab up close when Charles found one for the kids. Drew kept his siblings in line, being the big brother he is. You can just tell everyone is so close in this family and they really loved each other and just enjoyed one another. We hope we are able to capture more special times for this family!

Scripps Pier Family photos

Family Photography ideas at Scripps Pier

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La Jolla Beach photography

Scripps Pier rocks

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