February 23, 2015

Tip of the week for bride and grooms - Timeline

There are so many "tips" everyone can give you. We have started our weekly tips in order to help brides and reduce their stress. You can read magazines and online, there are a million places to find wedding tips, but all in all every wedding is different and you need to find your groove. We want to give you a vendor perspective since we deal with so many weddings a year and pass on our wedding knowledge to you. A recent bride / friend actually wrote to me the other day which is what is sparking this post. She had no where to start, especially hourly wise for her photography coverage, so I know there must be a ton of other brides having this same issue. Again, every wedding is different but I wanted to give you a rough timeline just to see how many hours you are in need of.

We break down the day like this|

Groom prep| 30-45 minutes

Bridal prep| 1 - 1.5 hours

First look (if you are doing so) | 45 minutes

Ceremony| 30 minutes

Creative / formal photos (typically done during cocktail hour) | 1 hour (the more time the better)

Reception| 3-4 hours

Grand entrance

First Dance

Mother - son dance & father - daughter dance



Cake cutting

Bouquet and Garter


This is a basic timeline to go off of, timing is not exact so adjust accordingly. If you are wondering where to start figuring out how many hours you will need for coverage, start at the ceremony and the time it starts. Work your way backwards from there and decide if you are wanting getting ready photos or a first look. After those are figured out, begin with reception and what special things you are incorporating like a slideshow, and what things you have decided not to do, such as a bouquet and garter toss. We sit down and help everyone of our couples with their timeline, we know it is a bit challenging and we are here to help!

A main part of the timeline is if you are having a first look. We highly recommend first looks, they are special and gives extra time for photos and for video. If photography and videography is a main priority, the more time the more creative we get to be and a first look typically helps with that.

Another big factor is travel time. Most couples' don't take this in to consideration but it is huge. We always want to account for travel time, so there is no stress on the day. If you are getting ready at a hotel, then your ceremony is at a church, and reception is at a separate venue, travel time in between each part of the day will account for quite a bit of time. If everything is all at one venue, more time is being spent on photos and not in the car going from location to location. Either way works and it depends on every couple, just remember to include enough time to get to each location.

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