March 12, 2015

Determine What is Important to You on Your Wedding Day

Beginning Of Planning| Determine What is Important to YOU!

At some point, the wedding industry decided what every wedding should consist of and what should be important. There are so many traditions and timelines and faux pas and so many "must have" items for your wedding, but is it something YOU really want for your wedding?  From cake cutting to the bouquet and garter toss, even to the detailed Pinterest lists for what photos you have to get, no wonder why every bride is overwhelmed.  To make this process more about the two of you, I tell my clients to list the three things that are the most important to them on their wedding day. Is it having the perfect venue? What about your photography and videography that you will always have? Is your dream so have the perfect floral arrangements and wow your guests? Have you imagined your perfect dress since you were little? What ever your top 3 must haves are, don't feel bad or feel like you have to follow a trend. It’s your day and you and your fiancĂ© get to choose what is a priority and what will make your dreams come true of your perfect wedding.  Let those top things get the majority of the wedding budget, time and effort because those are what will make you two happy. The little things will come, but focus on the stuff you’re excited about first, and then see what else you feel like fitting in. 

Hope this tip helps in your planning process!

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